Our Services

  • Wholself Wellness

    Life Transformative Membership

    An all-inclusive membership package to provide everything we offer to support your wellness journey.

  • Wholself Wellness

    Semi-Private Fitness Coaching

    Work outs designed and tailored to meet your individual needs in a small group environment.

  • Wholself Wellness

    Nutrition Coaching

    Our real-world, unique approach to nutrition and food relationship coaching helps discover a plan that fits you and your lifestyle.

  • Wholself Wellness

    Food Story® Coaching

    We help you understand your personal relationship with food, restore your power and help you eat free of guilt or deprivation.

Together we can write a wellness program for you.


“At Wholeself Wellness, It’s about learning your own body, studying your own patterns and learning how to change the ones that are hurting you. It’s about getting better at the ones that heal you.”

– Matt, Wholeself Wellness member

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