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  • Wholself Wellness

    Functional Fitness

    From 1:1 Coaching, Semi-Private Coaching to Group Fitness Classes we provide workouts so that you can master movement in a way that feels right to you!

  • Wholself Wellness

    Food Story™ Coaching

    Our unique approach to understanding your relationship with food so that you can rewrite it to make healthy and sustainable habits for the future.

  • Wholself Wellness

    Nutrition Coaching

    From 1:1, Family and In-Home Coaching, we help you uncover what success looks like for you in your food-life through our unique Food Story approach.

  • Wholself Wellness

    Transformational Membership

    An all-inclusive membership package to provide everything we offer to you to support your wellness journey.

Happiness is the key to your health.

Wholeself Wellness is not your typical gym and our coaches are not just personal trainers. We provide a modern and holistic approach to your well being — replacing fad diets, unsafe workouts, negative self talk, intense or unattainable goals — with specialized and sustainable coaching for real success.

If you have struggled with food, injury, fitness or body image, we help you understand your story so that you can cultivate emotionally and physically healthy habits for the future.


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