The following is a testimonal from our Wholeself Wellness client, Judy, about her journey from a back injury to a prediabetes diagnoisis




“I love my new workout with Wholeself Wellness!

After my first routine, my lower back had a light burning sensation that was more discomfort than pain — the next day there was a burning sensation deep in my hip that felt like a good muscle burn from a healthy workout.  These muscles were telling me they had not been working for a long time!

The best part was the next day. I had an incredible sense of wellness for a few hours! This was an indescribable jump of progress never before felt since my injury.

I spend less and less time on the sofa frozen, as it were, with pain. Actually, most of the sensations now are in the range of discomfort rather than pain. And even after sitting on a hard chair, my toughest challenge still, the pain resolves over hours instead of days. Rarely do I even think of taking a Tylenol.”




“But my wellness goals have expanded from healing from the injury to improved health in general with a new focus on prediabetes.  One in four Americans apparently shares my challenge.

After grappling with this new diagnosis and reeling with the understanding of its implications, I now have accepted this will be a lifelong process. The train is out of the station and my job will be to keep that train on the track, moving slowly if at all.

But I also realize I will never really get it back to that station with the genetics in my family.  It will never truly be gone.  This sharpens my focus to be healthy in every way possible.  

The gradual reduction in symptoms with increased training is amazing.  I look forward to each session with zest, enthusiasm, confidence, eagerness, and validated hope!

Thanks, Wholeself, for bringing on the healthy workouts!”  – Judy


We LOVE working with people like Judy to develop real life solutions to recover from an injury and deal with a chronic illness to help them live an ACTIVE life.

If you know someone that wants to get back to their favorite activity despite a current injury or pain, send them our way!