Client's Stories

“I began working with Ian to open up my posture, stand tall and to project my desired image.  I can confidently tell you – the man delivers. In the 6 months since I began working with Ian, I feel taller. I feel stronger. My stride is longer and many of the little aches and pains I used to feel every morning waking up have vanished.”- Zac

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Whole Health

We all know this time of year can be stressful. Beyond family, work and other obligations there is the stress about gaining weight, not finding time to work out, and/or guilt around the food you eat at those holiday parties. But there are some simple steps and techniques to help you overcome that stress during… Read More

Food Story

We all know the holidays can be challenging for those of us trying to eat well. If you read any of the various articles on fitness sites, they’ll tell you to limit your alcohol and sugar intake by eating a small healthy meal before heading to your holiday party, to take a walk between the… Read More

Food Story

To be happy is to be thin. To be thin is to eat nothing. To eat nothing is miserable. Not exactly sound and reasonable logic, right? Why is it that we believe we can only be happy if we’re thin? Who is perpetuating the thought that thin equals happy, much less healthy?! We have a… Read More

Food Story

What can you do differently today to improve from yesterday? Major lifestyle and health changes rarely happen overnight. We often get discouraged and become bored because we don’t see immediate results. However focusing on daily, comparable changes will keep us moving towards our desired wellness levels. Continually ask yourselves, “What are you ready, willing and… Read More