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“When I first started, I was in constant pain. My back hurt when I work up, went to sleep, when I walked… After only three months, I can say for the first time in over five years, that I spent most of my day pain free.

All it took was someone willing to look at my problem from a holistic viewpoint and to tediously and compassionately help me find a workout routine that was built for my body.”

– Sarah, Wholeself Wellness member since 2015


What We Provide

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    Life Transformative Membership

    An all-inclusive package including fitness, nutrition and food relationship coaching.

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    Semi Private Fitness Coaching

    Get personal works outs and attention that address your unique needs, injuries, limitations, or focuses.

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    Nutrition Coaching

    Discover a healthy eating plan that satisfies what you want and need, free of worry or guilt.

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    Food Story Coaching™

    Our unique approach to your relationship with food to address your feelings about what you eat. You learn how to sustain healthy emotions and habits around food.


Transformative Membership

An all-inclusive membership package of everything we offer to support you in your wellness journey.

Individual Fitness Assessment

Semi-Private Fitness Sessions

Monthly 30 minute private Nutrition Coaching

Weekly Food Story Support Group

Pick one:

5 fitness sessions/month: $425

Unlimited sessions/month: $565


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  • “Wholeself is way more than another gym, it’s a place to learn how to improve your overall health by being active, eating in a way that promotes a healthy life which brings a calm to everyday living.” 

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Save with a 3 month membership


for 5 fitness sessions/month

Semi-Private Fitness

Semi Private Fitness

Our approach to fitness through safe, effective strength training is designed to improve day to day life. Learn how to squat, push, pull and twist safely and effectively through an attention to the details of movement rather than speed and intensity.

Our customized programs provide fitness sessions that are designed to meet your needs, adding strength and flexibility where you need it. With a small group environment, you get the attention you need with the encouragement of working with an intimate group of fellow members.

Monthly Membership:

5 Fitness sessions/month: $355

Unlimited sessions/month: $500

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Save with a 3 month membership


for 5 sessions/month

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

All the food and nutrition science in the world won’t help if it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle. Our real-world, unique approach to nutrition and food relationship coaching helps you escape from the diet mentality, find health at any size, and discovers a plan that fits you and your lifestyle.


A private intake session with 1, 30 minute follow-up session with one of Nutrition Coaches


30 Minutes: $65

60 Minutes: $115

ADD-ONS (requires an intake session)

Kitchen Pantry Cleaning & Building: $115/hr

Assisted Grocery Shopping: $115/hr

In-Home Cooking Lessons: $155/hr

Customized Meal Plans:


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Save 20% when you become a member

Food Story Coaching

Food Story Coaching

Your food story is a personal narrative about why you eat what you do and how you feel about it. Understand this narrative to restore your power and eat free of guilt and deprivation



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30-Day Starter Specials, $199

All Inclusive

Get a little bit of everything we offer to support your wellness journey.

* Individual Fitness Assessment
* 5 Semi-Private Fitness Sessions
* 1, 30 minute private Nutrition Coaching
* 4 Food Story Support Group Sessions


Back to Your Best

Whether it was life, job, injury or illness, you’ve gotten away from a healthier you. You just want to get back to fitness, back to a version of yourself when you were active and felt good. Well this package will get you where you want to go!

* Intake Fitness Assessment
* Unlimited Semi-Private Fitness Sessions
* Individualized Fitness Homework Program
* Progress Fitness Assessment

Fit without Fear

Recovering from a recent injury, painful experience from a previous personal trainer or fear of re-injuring yourself, this package will help you live an active lifestyle at the pace and intensity that is right for your body

*  Individual Fitness Assessment
*  2, 30 Minute Workout Audits
*  8, 30 Minute Semi-Private Fitness Sessions


30 Day Diet Reboot

Get the coaching, information and help you need to realign what you eat with the healthy lifestyle you want. Focus on one of the followng key areas: Nutrition 101, Quitting Sugar/Low Carbs, Weight Loss or Optimum Nutrition.

*  Nutrition Intake Session
*  3 Nutrition 30-minute follow ups
*  Customized 3 day menu plan ($125 value)
*  4 Food Story Support Group Sessions